Apple Announces The iPhone 7, Which Will Be Water Resistant But Also Have No Headphone Jack

Rumors about the iPhone 7 pretty much have been swirling since the iPhone 6 was released. Pretty much everything from holographic display to a science-fiction brain microchip were considered to be possible applications for the device. Of course, some of these were a little more believable than others, but that didn’t stop consumers from dreaming.

Well, we finally have some concrete answers. Today, Apple’s new Twitter account accidentally tweeted out the details of an as yet-to-be made live announcement. However, their loss is our gain, as the full offerings of the new device were laid out for us.

Via The Verge:

“The new iPhone features a design that’s very similar to last year’s iPhone 6S (and the year prior’s iPhone 6), with a rounded aluminum body. But what’s entirely new is the phone’s water resistance, which means you can get the iPhone 7 wet without worry. Also new is the long-rumored dual camera system, stereo speakers, and a darker black color scheme. And, as expected, the iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack, rendering countless 3.5mm headphones useless with the device.

The company says the new dual camera system allows for true 2x optical zoom without loss of image quality. Apple also says that the new device has improved battery life compared to its predecessors.

Apple says the new phone will be available for purchase on September 16th, though preorders start today, so you won’t have to place an order in the middle of the night as in years past.”

Personally, water resistance is huge. That’s a giant checkmark in the ‘W’ column for someone like me who has already lost two phone to water damage. Especially considering how expensive a smartphone is, there’s nothing worse than watching helplessly as your phone takes a bath and becomes an $800 paperweight. At the same time, I’m not sure how I feel about the lack of a headphone jack. I mean, sure, it’s never a bad thing to cut a few cords out of your life, but at the same time, I’m not sure what it will mean for all of the headphones I have lying around. Well, I actually do know what it means. It means they’re useless. The whole idea just feels seems to be pointing to the fact that there are yet more accessories I need to buy and ultimately lose. However, since I’m a realist, I’m forced to admit that I will more than likely be going out to buy one of these bad boys when they are released. I’m simply a cog in the consumer machine and I know that I’m not strong enough to break these bonds.