Apple iOS Chief Craig Federighi Finally Answered Whether Quitting Multitasking Apps Improves Battery Life



Finally is right; I’ve long since been a subscriber of the ragequit all apps except for the one you’re using philosophy. It just makes (made) sense. Like, having all those apps open at once on your smartphone’s only going to drain the fucker that much more quickly. Fortunately a 9to5Mac reader took the initiative for the rest the ignorant worldwide flock of iPhone users, and emailed Tim Cook, asking for an answer on the legitimacy of quitting all apps to save battery life. Unfortunately, albeit expectantly, Cook is busy as fuck running a technology company titan, but Apple iOS Chief Craig Federighi stepped in to answer with unambiguous finality on the matter. See their correspondence below:

I think ‘Caleb’ is due a warm round of applause bros, ’cause who has the extra 10-15 seconds lying around to take the time to quit all the apps you previously had open on your smartphone that already does everything for you, am I right?

[H/T: 9To5Mac]