Man Gets In Argument At Restaurant, Leaves And Comes Back With The Oddest Weapon Ever

by 2 years ago

Python In Restaurant

Every day there’s another story in the news about a fight breaking out in a restaurant. Unfortunately, most of those altercations involve gun violence. In this case, the man accused of starting the fight did bring a weapon into the joint but it wasn’t a firearm. It was a 13-foot python.

A man was arrested Sunday night in Studio City after allegedly bringing a giant snake into a sushi restaurant, leaving it on the floor and walking out.

The man reportedly walked into Iroha Sushi of Tokyo around 7:30 p.m. Sunday with a smaller snake, according to diners in the restaurant. He was upset and got into an argument with another diner, authorities said.

The man was asked to leave the restaurant, and returned a short time later with an even bigger snake. A 13-foot python snake, to be exact.

Witnesses said the man threw the python on the floor in the middle of the restaurant and walked out. People freaked and called 911.

The man was charged with “using the snake as a weapon.”

[via Fox LA]

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