Arizona Cops Set Up Prostitution Stings For Super Bowl Week, These Are Some Of The Beauties They’ve Taken Down So Far

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Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Police in Maricopa County, Arizona have decided that Super Bowl week is as good a week as any to start cracking down on prostitution. I guess they figure all the pro athletes, celebrities and wealthy business men who are in town for the big game are hornballs looking to nut into any $2 hooker they can find. They might not be wrong. And their efforts to crack down on prostitution have already paid off, resulting in seven arrests.

According to TMZ:

Law enforcement in Maricopa County tell us they’re expecting a major increase in prostitution over the next few days — with a reported 300,000 visitors flocking to town for the big game.

We’re told law enforcement is setting up several sting operations targeting prostitution in the area of the stadium — and over the past 2 days, they’ve already busted 7 women.

Now that you’re apprised of the situation, let’s take a closer look at the seven chicks who have already been plucked from society for hookin’.







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