Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Attacked By An Elephant In Africa While You Were All Busy Talking About A Gorilla (VIDEO)

The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been on safari in South Africa after traveling overseas to host his ‘Arnold Sports Festival’. And while we were all busy talking about the death of an endangered gorilla at The Cincinnati Zoo Arnold Schwarzenegger had a HOLY SHIT moment of his own when an a fully grown elephant with tusks charged him and the jeep that he was riding in. Here’s that video:

The crazy moment comes at the end of the short clip above when Arnold and his crew are forced to step on the gas to outrun the adult elephant gorilla that’s having none of them invading his space.

The tense moment was caught on camera and Arnold shared it yesterday on his Facebook Page (as well as his YouTube channel) with a caption describing the ordeal:

I couldn’t have written this safari encounter better if it was a movie. I’m absolutely in awe of these beautiful, strong animals, even though some of us had to change our pants after this. We need to stop killing them – take a photo, not a shot. Would you rather be able to experience these creatures or a hunk of ivory? I thought so.

This wasn’t filming for one of his movies or Hollywood special effects, this was just a pissed off bull elephant attacking the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here’s that ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment once more in GIF:

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