Arnold Schwarzenegger Responds To Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Ratings Burn

Twitter is a wild fucking place, isn’t it? Especially if you’re a celebrity or famous athlete. It’s no longer enough to settle differences, or even offer condolences, offline. Nowadays, everything must happen in front of the world or it didn’t happen. A celebrity can’t grieve about another celebrity’s death unless they tweet about how fucking hard they are grieving. And you definitely can’t settle a petty, meaningless dispute over TV ratings offline. Can’t let the other celebrity (or in this case the next POTUS) win that battle.

Rather than stooping to Trump’s level of pettiness or marching down to Trump Tower and snapping his neck with his bare hands, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to make his response to Trump shitting on his Celebrity Apprentice ratings a positive message. He knew whatever he said would go viral so he took it as an opportunity to wish Trump luck and not stoop to his level. A pretty presidential move on Arnold’s point.