The Internet Tracked Down The ‘Worst Cooking Show’ On YouTube And This Is Epically Bad

Ashwin Ramdas has over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he’s got his cooking show ‘Ashwin’s Hip Foods’ to thank for that. Already, Ashwin has been named as having the ‘worst cooking show’ on YouTube by the folks over at Reddit. But, it’s legitimately difficult to tell if Ashwin’s in on the joke.

He does make attempts at humor, so it’s obvious that Ashwin’s trying to be funny. These attempts are bad, though, really fucking bad. Ashwin could be a master comedian but I’m not quite sure that I can give him the benefit of the doubt here when there’s no proof that he has any sense of awareness. Some previous videos of his make it obvious that he’s trying to be funny.

Still, I can’t help but think nobody could make a video as intentionally bad as ‘Ashwin’s Hip Foods’ even if they set out to be awkward as fuck.

Let’s watch another episode of ‘Ashwin’s Hip Foods’ and I’ll let you bros decide if he’s in on the joke or not. Here’s ‘Christmas Fruit Cake’ by Ashwin:

He has to be fully in on the joke, right? It’s not possible for someone to be that awkward without doing it intentionally. I’m voting that Ashwin’s a master comedian and he’s operating on a level most can’t comprehend. What do you bros think?