Australia Just Debuted A Truly Unbelievable Tourism Slogan And People Are Losing Their Damn Minds

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Australia CU in the Northern Territory

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Australia’s Northern Territory has just unveiled a brand new tourism slogan and both the design + wording has left everyone amazed, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The Aussies have always been a bit more cavalier with profanity than we are here in America. They’re willing to play around with the nuances of language and not stand on the grounds of propriety, and that’s evident in this campaign through and through:

via Mashable Australia:

Now, a new tourism campaign called “CU in the NT” has made that fact plainly obvious.
Created by a group called NT Official, there’s no prizes for guessing what swear word the campaign is alluding to.
The NT Official website is selling shirts and singlets bearing the cheeky slogan.
The “CU in the NT” Facebook and Instagram page is all about encouraging people to visit the top end. There’s a wealth of gorgeous places to check out, after all.While we’d love to say this is a government tourism project, it’s actually an “independent underground campaign” targeted at young people. Its typography and logos are satirised versions of the official NT Tourism look and feel.
“We are a fronted by a guerrilla group of people with the aim of promoting travel awareness to the Northern Territory region,” a spokesperson from NT Official said in an emailed statement.

People all across Twitter are losing their damn minds over this.

So it sounds like a special interest group is funding this entire campaign and not the actual government, which I guess is pretty chill that somewhere people have enough money to just throw at a guerilla marketing campaign out of nowhere for shits and giggles. I have to respect someone stirring up shit like this just for fun.

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