*Wait For It* Australians Embrace Flash Flood By JetSki Surfing On Raging River

Parts of Australia has been getting pounded with wild weather in recent days. There was a flash flood alert in effect for southeast Queensland, Australia after torrential rains caused washouts and flooding. Just by looking at the color of this river you can see that things aren’t right.

Typically, you’ll only see rivers that brown when they’re moving a shit ton of sediment. With a river that isn’t particularly wide, like the one you see above, for the water to be that brown and moving that swiftly there’s some SERIOUS flooding going on upstream. So what do the Aussies do while they get pounded with these powerful flood waters? They go surfing, of course. And if that video above isn’t showing up you can CLICK HERE to see it on Streamable.

They don’t just go surfing, though. These Aussie bros have enlisted the help of another bro with a JetSki to whip them into the wave that’s formed in the middle of the river. It’s not uncommon for perpetual wave breaks to form in raging rivers, but I’ve never seen anyone take the tow-in surfing approach to these waves until now.

To borrow a phrase from the bros watching this video in the background: only in Australia.

(H/T Reddit’s Videos)