Some Dudes Made A Working ‘Avengers’ Helicarrier Replica Complete With Fighter Planes



My only question here is ‘why did it take so long’ for someone to make a working replica of The Avengers‘ helicarrier? It’s easily one of the coolest vehicles in action movies, surely someone has to have been thinking about this for a while?

But alas, here we are, with the guys over at Flite Test being the first ones to create a working replica. And not just a working replica, but one complete with RC-Fighter planes to take off from the helicarrier’s deck.

This is some next level nerd shit, AND I LOVE IT.

From TheNerdist:

The design comes via Flite Test, a show by flight enthusiasts for flight enthusiasts. They talked about the remote-controlled flying aircraft carrier on a recent podcast. It’s a basic design made of about $1,000 worth of parts with a quadcopter as the helicarrier’s base. But it wasn’t a super design. They said that the $130 motors they used to lift the carrier off the ground were lukewarm after one run, and the carrier could lift just 15 pounds. Still, a little model airplane successfully took off from the carrier’s deck in flight!

Let’s see it in action:

But could such a thing ever truly exist? The Nerdist goes further with their analysis:

But could this ever become a viable way to transport small aircraft and provide a mobile service station? Maybe. But should it? Maybe not.

The US Navy built two rigid airships in the 1930s, the USS Akron and the USS Macon. Both of these helium-filled airships were designed for long-range support to reconnaissance aircraft, and both went through an experimental phase as floating aircraft carriers. The ships featured a “trapeze” installation, which was basically a giant hook that could be lowered down from below the balloon. Once extended, a pilot could maneuver his smaller aircraft to the hook, hitching a ride with this larger airship. Hangars built inside the ships gave technicians room to service up to five aircraft.

So, I guess we can maintain hope that something this badass will roam our skies in the future? Even if it’s highly unlikely….


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