Get A Glimpse Inside The Mouth Of A Man Eater As This Deadly Tiger Shark Swallows A GoPro

Though tiger sharks by nature are not man eaters, they’re known for being extremely casual when it comes to choosing their next meal. Whether it’s the license plate of a car, a human leg, or a GoPro, the tiger shark doesn’t really care what it’s biting down on.

Here see get a glimpse of what it’d be like to have your head inside the mouth of a tiger shark, as these Caribbean tiger sharks take this working GoPro for a ride. It’s all much more fascinating than it should be, and I can’t really explain why it’s so mesmerizing, but it is:

via @JukinVideo

via IFL Science:

What’s particularly interesting is that the shark at first seems very disinterested in the equipment, but last minute he/she suddenly changes direction and ambushes the camera. While they may be highly evolved predators, behavioral observations have suggested that tiger sharks can be pretty lazy. Unlike some more swift and agile species, such as the mako shark, tiger sharks aren’t that maneuverable, and often have to “rely on surprise to catch things” according to marine biologist Mike Heithaus.

It may have come as an initial surprise to the unsuspecting diver, but the curious being gave up the camera pretty swiftly and carried on with his/her day, leaving the diver unscathed (as far as we’re aware) but probably with a racing heart.

Let’s watch that tiger shark attack footage one more time in GIF, shall we?


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