Fishermen Forget To Pay The Troll Toll—Sea Lion Jumps Into Speeding Boat For Fresh Fish

Oh you foolish fishermen, don’t you know that in the waters of Los Cabos the sea lions reign supreme? You simply CANNOT navigate those waters without paying your fishing tax to the sea lion overlords.

So why did you decide to head home and leave the fishing grounds without paying your masters their 10%? Why did you insist on waiting until the boat was up to speed, opening the gate, and allowing the sea lion to board your vessel before tossing him that juicy bonito snack? So. Many. Questions…

All-in-all I’d have to say I’m pretty impressed by the manners of this sea lion. He showed up, made his demands aware, and left with this booty. Unlike the previous sea lion we saw in Los Cabos, who robbed these fools of their prized Mahi Mahi:


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