This Awkward Dog At A Doggie Pool Party Who Doesn’t Know How To Let Loose Is Just Like You

A lotta dogs like to have fun. In fact, in the above video, you can see 11 or 12 dogs having the time of their life at an all doggie pool party.

And why wouldn’t they? All doggie pool parties are a time for doggies to let loose, chill out, and party down.

All except Beya. Beya here doesn’t know to have fun. Look how weird she is. Look how she doesn’t interact with anyone. Come on, Beya.

(The number of times I’ve been this way at a social gathering is too numerous to count.)

According to the pool party host, Jana Underwood of Happy Tails Resort, Beya wasn’t really being weird. She was just waiting for a ball to be thrown.

Kinda like me, waiting for a beer to be served, before I can have fun.

I gotcha Beya.

[Via BuzzFeed, H/T Cass]

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