Adorable Baby Elephant Pooping In The Bubble Bath Is A Roller Coaster Of Emotion

There’s only so many feels a man can feel in one video, and I’m pretty sure throughout the course of this video where a baby elephant adorably takes a bubblebath but then proceeds to drop fibrous logs in it, I felt everything I can feel.

Firstly, behind baby rhinos, ellies are the cutest of all baby animals. Baby elephants just put out a vibe so adorable you can’t help but smile. That is until they start dropping dookie logs up in their bubble bath, then that smile turns to disgust.

This video is actually one of the most polarizing videos I can recall watching on the Internet. It took me from the far spectrum of ‘isn’t that just the cutest shit you’ve ever seen!’ to ‘that shit has to go, that shit is going to make me ralph at my desk!’ Here’s the video broken down into two essential moments in GIF:

[h/t Trent @ BarstoolSports]