This Baby Rhino Thinks He’s A Goat, Won’t Stop Doing Adorable Goat Things

What are goat things? Any things that a goat does of course. So when this baby rhino continues to imitate his goat friend he’s doing goat things, not rhino things. Duh.

Could this baby rhino be any more awesome? I’m not familiar with too many baby rhinos, just a handful (in GIF) here and there, but for whatever reason I’m really digging this baby rhino in particular.

It has me thinking though, what would be some rhino things for him to do? Roll around in the mud (for sure). Rub up against trees to scratch (maybe?). Gang up on unicorns and shame them for farting rainbows (100%)….well, whatever ‘rhino things’ may be, this video is not of that…it’s of a baby rhino doing goat things dammit!


And some highlights in GIF:

This is it bros, this right here. This is the cutest fucking baby rhino on the Internet. If ever you’re looking for the cutest baby rhino on the Internet you’re on a fool’s errand because this is it, you’re staring at it right now.

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