Vicious Hiker Attack: Pint-Sized Arctic Fox Tries To Gnaw Off Bro’s Sandal, Is Adorable

Here we see a hapless hiker bro getting his sandal gummed up by an adorable baby fox. This might be the best arctic fox video you’ll ever see (because I know you watch hundreds a day).

So the title of this video implies that it’s an Arctic Fox, but as every informed reader of BroBible knows the Arctic Fox is as white as Jon Snow’s ‘Ghost’…so I don’t know what to believe. Because how in the hell could any animal survive in the Arctic with black fur? It’d be a mark for any predator, standing out in stark contrast against the snow. I DEMAND ANSWERS.
Is it just a fox that happens to be within the Arctic Rim? Is this person a liar? Do horses where socks? These are the important questions I’m asking myself after watching this video.
Among the questions rising up in our collective consciousness after watching this should be: how in the hell do I get a baby fox to chew on my flops?

via HappyPlace

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