If You See A Baby In This Image, Then SURPRISE! You’re Psychotic!

AWWW! What an absolutely adorable baby! What you don’t see this cutesy, wootsy lil rug rat? It’s as clear as a vodka to me. Well it’s probably for the best that you don’t see a baby because if you did it would mean that you are more prone to hallucinations, and possibly psychosis.

In a new study from the University of Cardiff and Cambridge University, participants with “early signs of psychosis” were more easily able to make out an image of a baby in this black and white picture.

Research by the Universities of Cardiff and Cambridge studied volunteers, who had early signs of psychosis and had been referred to the mental health service, as well as healthy individuals. The psychotic individuals saw the baby much more often than the healthy group.

Scientists claim that the ability of the brain to fill in gaps in reality may mean that they are more prone to hallucinations. But the scientists say that this is actually a good thing because this is your brain trying to interpret and make sense of the world. They also assert that everyone will experience hallucinations at some point in their life, predominantly when people see or hear something that really doesn’t exist. See, I told my mother there’s nothing to worry about when I have impromptu pizza parties in the shower with John Quincy Adams, Glenn Quagmire and my wife Pamela Anderson.