Baby Shows How Much He Loves His Older Brother By Puking Directly Into His Mouth

Good thing nature made babies super adorable and smell good because they have other attributes that are less than desired. Usually you can contain these negatives with diapers and bibs, but every so often they will get one past the goaltender and make a disgusting mess.

Big brother Logan is new to the baby game and doesn’t quite understand the volatility that is a newborn’s digestive system. He playfully talks gibberish as he lifts him up and down directly above his face. It seems the fun ride was a little too much for the lil bro’s tum-tum and he evacuates his innards all over Logan, who just so happened to have his mouth open at that second. Logan gets chunky puke in his mouth and also gets an impromptu tasting of his mother’s breast milk, which totally isn’t weird for a kid at that age.

Josh Fairbanks uploaded the video online and titled it, “Big brother gets big surprise.” Sure that’s cute, but I think you could have done better, maybe “2 Brothers, 1 Formula.” Usually you have to go to the really weird and dark part of RedTube to find a satisfying video of someone puking in another person’s mouth, but here we are on the regular family-friendly YouTube enjoying this entertaining clip of the swapping of bodily fluids.

Some are claiming that the video is fake. Sure the camera is ridiculously close and strangely focusing only on the older brother, which is extremely suspect. However most of you have no problem suspending belief when it comes to the WWE and Superman movies, so why not for a fun puke vid.