Have You Ever Been So Drunk That You Used A Baby As A Human Shield Against The Police? Because This Guy Has.

If there was ever a list of reasons to maybe stop drinking for a while, this would probably be sitting right at #1. Ryan Krueger, 33, not only fled from police and incited a boat chase that lasted over 15 minutes, but used a frickin’ BABY as a human shield right before he was finally captured.

” The dramatic boat chase, which lasted over 15 minutes, unfolded on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota over Fourth of July weekend.
Ryan David Krueger was finally arrested, but not before holding up his nine-month-old baby in an attempt to stop police pepper spraying him.”

Because, y’know, there probably weren’t any spare lifejackets or literally ANY OTHER OBJECT you could use to avoid being pepper sprayed aside from a BABY. If he wasn’t hammered I’d give him credit and say he strategically picked the baby because no one wants to pepper spray an infant, but let’s be honest with each other here…he totally picked the baby because it was just sitting there, maybe being annoying and crying or something and he decided it was time to teach it a lesson. Babies, man. Always misbehaving and shit.

” When officers with the water police approached the boat, they found a baby with no life jacket sitting in Krueger’s lap.
The child’s mother, Jamie Schneeweis, had jumped out of the boat to get away from Krueger…
As Schneeweis spoke to police, Krueger started to slowly pull away in his boat.
When officers told him to stop, he yelled ‘F— you!’ and sped off.”

“Fuck you,” how original.

” Officers attempted to peppery spray Krueger, but he grabbed the baby and used it as a human shield…
While in custody, Krueger provided a breath test that registered a 0.15 BAC.”

Via Daily Mail

A .15? That’s IT? I’d think that you’d have to be at least at a .20 to think driving a getaway boat and using babies and shields is an acceptably “okay” idea, but I guess not everyone can be heavyweights like me and my drunkard friends.

Check out the news report below: