‘Bad Lip Reading’ Just Put Up A Video Of The First Republican Debate And I Just Pissed Myself From Laughing So Hard

It’s been a few days (weeks?) now since FOX News hosted the first Republican Debate leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election, and with Saturday Night Live currently in the offseason it’s up to ‘Bad Lip Reading‘ to give that debate the comedy treatment it deserves. From arguing about genital warts to frozen babies, the ‘First Republican Debate Highlights: 2015’ is right on part with any of the Bad Lip Reading NFL videos, if not better.

After watching this I’ve realized that I really need to start calling more people ‘wart touchers’, and I’m once again reminded of just how large Ted Cruz’s ears are. I am however a little baffled on why Ted Cruz wants to drink a sorority’s goldfish. Also, I felt a little bad for Governor Bush when they asked him “How would you get a dead mouse on a crescent roll with some steak?” Because if someone asked me that question during a live debate I’d be flummoxed, I’d have no answers. At least Jeb was able to think on his feet and say he’d use a fork.

I cannot wait for the first debate among the Democrats, because it’s going to be an epic treatment of Hillary and her inability to disguise the fact that she’s a cyborg. Bad Lip Reading FTW.