Bad Lip Reading Just Dropped A Presidential Debate Video And Skewered Both Candidates Alive…I’m Crying From Laughing

Honestly, this Bad Lip Reading ‘poetry slam’ of the third and final U.S. Presidential Election Debate is about 1000x better than the lies that both two candidates spewed all night long. I’d go so far as to say that both candidates would have had a better shot of winning the debates if they just walked up there with a recording device and let the crew from Bad Lip Reading do all of the talking for them because at least then the debates would’ve been entertaining.

I just thank my lucky stars and stripes that the election’s almost over and soon we’ll be able to go back to blocking people for sharing Instagram pics of lasagna instead of blocking them for stupid ass political rants. The end is near, and at least we have Bad Lip Reading to help get us there.

If you want to see the Bad Lip Reading of the first debate CLICK HERE!!!!!