Bad Lip Reading Just Dropped ‘Debate Night’ And Roasted The Absolute Hell Out Of Hillary And Donald

Bros! If you’re like me then you’ve been waiting for this Bad Lip Reading for a week now. Last night I was actually sitting on the couch wondering what in the heck is taking the Bad Lip Reading crew so long because it’s not really a debate until the candidates (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) get roasted by the BLR crew.

I was beginning to worry that the Bad Lip Reading squad was afraid to take on these candidates head-to-head because we hadn’t really seen them do anything since the Democratic National Convention, back when they skewered Bernie Sanders.

Finally, the wait is over. God bless the Bad Lip Reading crew for putting out these videos because we all need to laugh when we’re faced with voting between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.