Bald Eagle Swoops In And Steals This Bro’s Fish Mid-Fight, Flies Away Like A Total Badass


YouTube / J. Wynans

I’m not in the business of besmirching bald eagles, the National Bird and National Animal of the United States of America, and one of the most iconic symbols of freedom worldwide. That said, this bald eagle pulled a real dick move when it swooped in and jacked this bro’s fish. Part of me wants to respect this bald eagle‘s hustle but the other part of me thinks it was a rookie move, what if that bird got tangled up in the fishing line or hook? I thought eagles were supposed to be highly intelligent? Anyways, this bald eagle is totally savage:

Once more in GIF:

That’s a pretty sizable body of water they’re fishing on, I’m not sure if it’s a lake or a slow-moving river but I am sure that there are a shit ton of other fish in there that the eagle could’ve feasted on. We’re talking about thousands of fish swimming around in there, not to mention that there’s probably a shit ton of lakes and rivers nearby.

This entire video paints that bald eagle as extremely lazy, which isn’t their style at all. They travel up and down the continent, feasting on fish and small game from sea to shining sea. Couldn’t it just have grabbed another fish?

I also have no clue what kind of fish that was or where this took place, so shame on the YouTuber that didn’t include the slightest bit of information in the video’s description. Some of us are holed up indoors Monday through Friday and have to live vicariously through you bros out there fishing!

(via J. Wynans YouTube)