Twitter Was Completely Tripping After Seeing Obama Bro Out HARD Rocking A Backwards Cap And Flip Flops

Politics aside, Barack Obama, just as a guy, is one of the most bro Presidents we’ve ever had.

Dude loved sports, wasn’t afraid to talk voice his opinions about it, admitted to smoking a little weed in his day, and seemed like a pretty chill dad to boot.

So now that he’s finished with his eight-year run as Commander-in-Chief he, as one would expect, he is taking a little time off to relax.

Little did we know that Obama would be so quick to go into full-on chill mode though.

Spotted hanging out with his wife Michelle on Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands Obama looked like a frat bro on vacay rocking some flip flops and a backwards ball cap.

Naturally, when people on Twitter caught sight of this they had thoughts. Lots of very funny thoughts.

Here are some highlights…

My reaction?

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