According To Pool Report, Barack Obama Took Malia For A Walk Today. We Think We Know Why (Drugs)

When I was 20, I was busted with weed and, of course, I had to talk with my Dad about it.

Knowing he grew up in the 60s, and using my powers of deduction and blame-delfecting, I asked him, “Didn’t you smoke weed?”

“Yea,” he said. “But the pot was much weaker back then.”

Here’s wondering if Barack Obama and Malia had much the same conversation, because the First Family is vacationing together in Martha’s Vineyard and today’s pool report, which details all the president’s daily activities, had this to say.

If you recall, she was spotted huffing on (maybe!) a jay at Lollapalooza, and he is a well-publicized member of the Choom Gang.

They definitely had that talk.

As for what I said to my dad, I responded with, “Well, didn’t you just smoke more of it then?”

He didn’t have an answer for that. I bet Malia, who is heading to Harvard, was smart enough to do the same.

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[Via @KateBennett_DC, Mic]