Here’s What Barack Obama’s Investment Portfolio Looks Like: How Does Yours Stack Up?

It’s not exactly fair to compare your own investment portfolio to the most powerful man in the world, President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. You’re just a lowly citizen of the greatest country in the world, he has all of the resources that come along with being President: free housing, 24/7/365 security detail, a $400K/year salary in office and $200K/year for the rest of his life. He’s also a Columbia University and Harvard Law School graduate, so he’s got the Ivy League networking at his disposal.

So like I said above, comparing your own investment portfolio against Barack Obama’s isn’t really fair, but it is pretty interesting to see where the President of the United States of America invests his money. From the website OpenSecrets we’re able to see where President Obama’s investments are, based on the most recently available public data. Here’s how Barry is spreading his $$$$$ around.

President Barack Obama’s Investment Portfolio:



Soooo he’s worth up to $7 million??

I managed to somehow stumble onto Barack Obama’s investment portfolio over on Reddit’s ‘Investing‘ community when I was looking for some hot tips on what to do with my own money. I actually had no idea that r/investing existed until last night, but I’m stoked to have found it because it’s a massive community of people sharing investment advice. And they say that the best way to get good advice on the Internet is to post wrong information, so I plan on getting in there as soon as possible and sharing as many ludicrous tips as possible.

The commenters over on that r/investing thread offer a little perspective on why/where/what Barack Obama does with his investments, including the following:




They make around $200k a year in after leaving office in direct pension income, although they additionally receive funds for non-personal expenses, iirc.


I don’t understand, what time period are these increases over?


They aren’t increases it is a range. For example Obama has anywhere between $300k – $750k in Vanguard 500 Index


He honestly seems kinda broke for a US President and former US Senator. Only $7m net worth apparently.


A fun fact I like to mention is that, adjusted for inflation, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were as rich (or richer) than Mitt Romney.

It’s a great community of like-minded investors over there, so I suggest following that link above to r/investing for more!