Batman Is Dead. No, Not That One. Nope, Not Him Either

by 4 years ago
Batman Dies Maryland


Even though I joked in the headline, this really is a sad story — a man spent his spare time visiting sick children dressed as Batman was killed in a freak accident on a Maryland highway.

Lenny B. Robinson, the 51-year-old Batman impersonator, died after a car hit his black Lamborghini Batmobile after it broke down on the side of the road. Robinson was on his way home from a car show in West Virginia when the Batmobile broke down. Robinson got out to check the engine and a Toyota Camry struck his car which then struck Robinson and killed him. Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Robinson is well known throughout Maryland for visiting sick children dressed as the Caped Crusader. He even had a brief moment of worldwide fame when footage appeared online of Robinson getting pulled over by police in his Batman gear.

In a sort-of bright spot, shortly before his death, Robinson had stopped at a gas station and met a family and gave the kids superhero paraphernalia.

The good ones always get taken too early.

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