BBC Presenter Has An X-Rated Tongue Slip In An Interview And It Had To Be Intentional

Before you guys check out the video you clicked on this article to watch, I think it’s important to clear the air on what a “tongue slip” is. A tongue slip is defined as an unintentional utterance, a mistake in speaking between two like-sounding words. Here are a couple prime examples:

Lol, get it? She intended to speak of the device that keeps track of time, but instead she uttered the part of my male anatomy that hasn’t been touched by a female in six months. Two very different things, but sound similar. So she gets a free pass.

Another validated tongue slip (because this is fun):

Elected, erected. Tomato, tomahtoe. Innocent enough.

And now we circle back to BBC Reporter, John Inverdale. John was interviewing former jockey John Francome and current rider Lizzie Kelly, when he said this:

Had to be intentional right? There’s no two ways about it. Cunted, tinted. I’m not buying it pal. Not to mention the word “cunt” literally hurts people to say. Like physically. If I’m calling you “the C word” I’ve locked myself in the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and said it to myself a few times to work up the courage. Take it from a guy who has a debilitating case of verbal diarrhea (and regular diarrhea), that word has three extra lines of security before it’s muttered.

So do I believe that old Johnny here guilty of having a little fun on a national broadcast? Yes. Do I we should rake the guy over the coals for it? No. No need to go on a nationwide mancunt. I mean manhunt. Manhunt.

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