This Bearded Dude Met His Exact Twin On A Plane Flight, Of Course They Wound Up Sharing A Pint Later

Look at those two dudes. You’d think they were separated at birth.

As far as anyone can tell, they weren’t. They are just two bros who happened to be on the same flight headed to Glasgow, Scotland. The encounter was documented by a friend of the guy on the right.


Now, you’d think that’s be the end of it. Have a laugh with your lookalike and be on your way. Glasgow’s a big town. Largest city in Scotland. There’s NO CHANCE, they’d wind up at the same bar later that night, right?

Nah, man.

The world’s a weird fucking place, man. Maybe your twin is out there and you can one day share a beer with him, too.

I bet that’d be fun.

[Via BuzzFeed]