Dude With Diesel Beard Trolls The Shit Out Of Oblivious Woman Who Texts The Wrong Number

beard troll


Getting a text from an unknown number can be exciting. Your mind starts wondering: “Maybe that 35-year-old half-decent looking Chili’s waitress I left my number for back in 2008 finally broke up with her husband and was turned on by my 21% tip.”

More often than not, someone who wants nothing to do with your sorry ass made a minor typo and sent you a message you were never supposed to receive and the Chili’s waitress is probably happily performing oral sex on her husband and immediately forgot about you after bringing you the check.

Upon realizing this sad truth, one would usually sends a text back that says “wrong number?” and both of you will never communicate again and you will continue to float on like specs of dust in a hurricane. It’s actually kind of depressing.

Unless you’re this dude. And this infuritatingly oblivious woman. Who will be bonded together in the internet archives for all eternity.

Check out their hilarious exchange below.

Note: the intial text was sent in February. The communication continues until July.

Beard Troll


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