Here’s How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need

camping stove


Often times, when you’re out hiking in the wilderness, carrying around a lot of weight isn’t the most practical thing. If you’ve ever gone camping and brought along a grill and the propane tanks that go with it, you know it’s not exactly the most lightweight thing out there.

Enter Tom Allen (whose alias is MacGyver for all I know) with this super ingenious method of turning a single beer can into a perfectly functioning camping stove. With a little bit of rubbing alcohol, it essentially functions like one of those burners that catering companies use. And it’s a sure fire way to cut some weight from your rucksack, yet not sacrifice any ability to prepare some hot food.

Pretty freakin’ awesome, right?

And food aside, it goes without saying that this thing could be a decent source of heat as well if a full-fledged fire isn’t the most practical thing given your surroundings. Such a simple design, yet so damn useful.

Obviously, as advertised in the video, we’re still talking about fire here so caution is extremely advisable. But that said, now you just cut about 10lbs. of grill weight from your possession without sacrificing much at all. Super clever.

[h/t Thrillon]

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