More Proof That Beer Solves All Life’s Problems — This Time It Helped Put Out A Fire

Beer. Is there anything it can’t do? Nope. Add to the list of things it can do “put out tent fires.”

A man called 911 to report that someone set his tent on fire in the 2100 block of South Hill Street at around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday. He was in the tent with another person, both asleep, when the flames broke out, the Seattle Police Department reports.

The man was able to quickly extinguish the growing flames with a can of beer he had nearby.

Now you’re probably assuming my favorite part of this tale is the when the guy used beer to save his tent and possibly his life. It’s actually my second favorite part of the story. Here’s my favorite detail regarding the possible suspect in the case…

The tent’s occupant told officers that he was playing cards with other men earlier that night. One of the other players accused him of cheating and threatened to set his tent on fire. The man left the card game and went to sleep. The next thing he knew, his tent was on fire.

There are no witnesses to the incident, but Seattle Police Department arson detectives are investigating.

“Investigating.” Hmmmm. I wonder who the arsonist could be.

[via My Northwest]

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