Someone Redesigned Several Major Beer Brands To Look Like Craft Beers And The Results Make Me Want A Corona

by 4 years ago

Corona Re-Branded as Craft

A few months ago, the guys at Restaurant Choice contacted me with three concept designs, taking major beer brands and redesigning them with a craft beer touch. I said, “Do a few more and hit me back.” Like typical Bros, it took them SEVEN months to make three more of them. So rather than wait till 2016 to post 10 redesigns, we’re going to roll with it.

Above we have the Corona design (which is always my beer of choice – -go ahead judge me for that, you slut) and below we have Budweiser, Fosters, Carlsberg, Coors and Heineken.


Carlsberg Re-Branded as Craft

Fosters Re-Branded as Craft

Coors Re-Branded as Craft

Heineken Re-Branded as Craft


[H/T Restaurant Choice

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