Father Of Real-Life Benjamin Button Steals $6K From Daughter, Then Spends It At Costco

This poor kid got dealt the shittiest hand in life. Not only is she 11 years old but look like she’s 80, but her name’s Ashanti. That’s like getting run over by an 18 wheeler and then having a cow sit on your face immediately afterwards. Realizing that this little girl’s life sucks more fat dick than a porn star in a glory hole video, a charity happily donated $6,000 to her family so that they could take her swimming with dolphins in the United States.

“Ashanti Elliott-Smith, 11, suffers from a rare disease that makes her look 80 and will likely not live past 15.
She was given the donation from Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club (SBMOC) in 2010 so she could go for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to swim with dolphins.
But her father Albi Elliott, 44, hid the money from the rest of the family and within two months had spent it – on trips to Tesco….
But two months later, Ashanti and her mother attended an event at the club – and when organisers mentioned the money, she knew nothing about it.”

Via Daily Mail

What is Tesco, you ask since we live in ‘Murrica? Think of Costco for British people, but with more tea and less giant containers full of beef. But classic move there on the father’s part by not telling his ex wife jack shit about the $6K he just blew on erroneous bullshit at Costco, I’d do the same thing…the part about not telling my wife that I’m a financial idiot. Not the part where I literally steal money from children. I may be bitchy, but I’m not THAT awful.