Bro Does The Best Card Trick Ever And Tells A Story Throughout The Whole Spellbinding Feat

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Awesome magic trick!By Kieran Doherty

Posted by The LAD Bible on Monday, June 1, 2015

Meet Irishman Dave Duggan, he does card tricks, but not just any dopey card tricks, he tells a delightful story that is integrated into the clever ruse.

The card trick is called “673 King Street” and it was uploaded by the LAD Bible Facebook on June 1 and it quickly went viral. In a few days it amassed more than 3,000,000 views, 87,000 Likes and 44,000 Shares.

Duggan stands at a pool table with a group of friends huddled around him. He begins by saying that there are no duplicate cards in the deck. He shuffles and cuts the deck several times. Then he begins his epic story.

“The other night I met up with a few girls. There were two red-heads,” he says as he deals out the Queen of Diamonds and a Queen of Hearts.

“We were chatting away for…one, two, three minutes,” he continues, punctuating each number by cutting the deck three times.

“We met up with their friends, there were two brunettes,” says Duggan, and then he wonderfully unveils the Queen of Spades and Queen of Clubs.

“They said come with us to 673 King Street,” he says, and then of course turns over a six, a seven and a three followed by a King.

The trick has several jokes throughout and a very satisfying ending.

This isn’t a new card trick, it was first done in 2009 by Australian magician James Galea. There’s even a video tutorial on YouTube. Regardless, Dave pulls it off in fantastic fashion.


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