The Top 10 Cities For Single Stoners In The U.S. (NYC Is #2)

4/20 is the ‘Rex Manning Day’ of the stoner world, so today I’ll be posting all sorts of weed-related content. Yes, today’s that most blissful of days when everyone comes together to pass the dutchie to the left hand side. But if you’re a single bro in this country who likes to smoke weed, and you don’t live in a region that’s conducive for that, chances are you’ve got angst about bringing that up with those around you. It’s 100% OKAY if you like to smoke marijuana, there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But if you’re looking to get into the dating world and meet like-minded individuals, then you’ll probably want to live in one of these 10 cities across the U.S.A.

The website WhatsYourPrice polled over 90,000 on dating, and whether or not they’d date stoners. Here are the top 10 cities for stoner singles:

The site then ranked the top 10 cities where singles were most open to dating a person who appreciated a bit of bud. Rankings are based on the percentage of respondents who were in favor of dating a person who smokes marijuana. Results reveal America’s top “420 Friendly Cities.”
Top 420 Friendly Cities:

1 – Portland – 93%
2 – New York – 90%
3 – Las Vegas – 87%
4 – Denver – 86%
5 – San Francisco – 83%
6 – Seattle – 79%
7 – Los Angeles – 73%
8 – Miami – 68%
9 – Chicago – 64%
10 – Boston – 62%

According to results of the survey, Portlanders were quite blunt about their acceptance of a partner who smokes weed, with 93 percent of respondents from the city claiming the habit is not a dating deal breaker.

Coast-to-coast, being a stoner isn’t easy. There are countless cities (and entire states) across the nation where smoking pot is frowned upon. Why? More often than not the people fighting to keep pot as a Schedule 1 Drug are either (a) woefully misinformed, (b) completely full of shit, (c) lobbying for the pharmaceutical industry (I’m looking you asshats in South Florida). But the tide has shifted, and the zeitgeist is moving to a nation that’s embracing legalized marijuana and working towards the end of prohibition. And after seeing these results I have to admit that the jump in acceptance from #1 to #10 is quite shocking (93% vs. 62%).

I find it quite troubling that the #10 city, Boston, is considered one of the front-runners as the next metropolis to legalize marijuana and there’s ONLY 62% of single people willing to date a stoner. Sure you should always want to date like-minded individuals, and not everyone’s into smoking weed, but I’m pretty convinced that the majority of that 38% unwilling to date someone who smokes weed is tied to the stigmas place on marijuana from programs like D.A.R.E.

That said, the fact that nearly two-thirds of singles in Boston are willing to date someone who smokes weed is at least a good jumping off point, as marijuana legalization advocates push to move that acceptance # even higher. And last but not least, anyone else surprised that Las Vegas is ahead of Denver?