Bro Gets Revenge On His Roommate For Stealing His Stuff, Pulls Off The Most Ingenious Cockblock In History

by 3 years ago

Cockblocking is not cool, bros. But you already know that. You already know that cockblocking should only be used in the rarest of situations as a form of revenge. Well, this is a story about one bro getting the most ingenious and hilarious (petty) revenge by cockblocking his roommate after the roommate had repeatedly stolen his stuff AND had been warned on multiple occasions to stop stealing the stuff. After repeated warnings the offending roommate responded with ‘Whatever I don’t give a shit’, and that’s when all bets were off, that’s when the option to cockblock was put on the table.

This one comes to us by way of ‘PettyRevenge’, the forum for people to share their revenge stories. I’ve never actually shared one of these here on BroBible because until now I didn’t think any of them were worthy, but this one’s too fucking funny not to share with you bros:

So my room mate is again stealing my baby wipes and along with using my tooth paste. Time for more petty revengeby Nerdinaterx2

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