Best Prank Birthday Card Ever Won’t Stop Playing Until The Battery Dies Or It Is Destroyed

I wonder if you can order these in bulk? Because this prank birthday card is the only birthday card I will be giving out from now on. That’s because buying birthday cards are one of my least favorite things to do. It’s like throwing $3 or $4 down the toilet. You buy it. Someone reads it for like three seconds and then there it goes, into the trash. Total waste of money.

If I am going to dole out some cash for a birthday card I want one that I am going to get my money’s worth out of and this prank birthday card called “The Joker” will definitely get the job done. Sure, I might get punched once or twice, but I’m willing to risk it.

For $15, I know, it’s a little steep, but wait, it’s totally worth it, “The Joker” birthday card once opened by the unsuspecting birthday boy or girl literally will not stop singing “Happy Birthday” to them and everyone else in attendance. The only way to shut it off is to let the battery die or to completely destroy it. Preferably with a hammer.

Consider this the new glitter bomb.

The makers of the card have already reached their Kickstarter goal, but this is an idea so good we should all just keep giving money to them.

H/T Geekologie