Ship Your Enemies Glitter Site Shuts Down And Is For Sale – BONUS: Video Of Some Poor Sap Getting Glitter Bombed

The Internet went bananas when it was introduced to Ship Your Enemies Gltiter, a service that sends envelopes full of sticky, sparkly glitter to the hated person of your choice. Well it turns out that there’s a shit ton of people who loathe other people so much that they would pay about $8 to send a package of glitter because the site blew up. The site’s founder, Mathew Carpenter, began to get overwhelmed by the viral volume of orders his fledgling enterprise:

Seems like Mathew should have taken a few marketing classes.

Then Carpenter decided to strike while the iron was hot and sell his evil venture on Flippa where it’s current bid is over $60,000:


The site had been so overwhelmed with glitter-loving revenge-seekers that it had to temporarily shut down:

Purchasing has been temporarily suspended. You guys have a sick fascination with shipping people glitter. We’ve received all orders & working through them. There was a ton so be patient. You can spam me on Twitter for updates @matcarpenter

Since it appears that you won’t be able to send a glitter bomb any time soon, we decided to see exactly what it looks like to be glitter bombed, and it’s as torturous as one would believe. This unfortunate soul just wanted to open up his J.C. Penney’s credit card bill and BOOOM! The glitter bomb detonates right in his face. Uggghhh, it also went directly into the fucking keyboard; that’s never coming out. Thankfully the fish was not harmed in this attack. On the bright side, if his daughter is a stripper she is set for at least a month.