Hey Man, You Wanna See How Big These Just Discovered Giant Earthworms Are?

Yea, you do.

They’re big. On a remote Scottish Island, earthworm scientists discovered earthworms that weigh as much as MICE. Mice, dude.

You wanna see these fuckers? They’re fucking big.

God damn. Those some big earthworms. They were found on Rum Island in Northern Scotland. Dr. Kevin Richard Butt discovered the earthworms, which can grow up to 15 inches long and weigh up to 13 grams. Butt speculates the island’s lack of natural predators could explain the reason the worms grow to such great lengths.

He also believes the worms live for up to ten years, doing their worm thing.

Prior to this, the biggest previously discovered earthworms weighed eight grams.

[Via The BBC]