Biker Tries To Pass A Car, Results In INSANE Motorcycle Crash



Absolutely terrifying video of an afternoon on the bike that goes very, very wrong. This biker foolishly tries to pass a truck by going over the double yellows right at a blind curve. A car going the other way forces him to the side of the road, where the biker goes completely airborne over a cattle fence into a field. Seriously, it looks like the biker is at least 20 feet into the air a one point.

He’s an idiot for trying to make such an aggressive move at such an unsafe time. Regardless, you have to feel for him. Clearly he’s in a world of hurt when his brother gets to the top of the field. He’s lucky to be alive.

Absolutely terrifying. Be safe out there, bikers. Don’t ride like this guy.

[H/T: Mpora]