Bill Nye the Science Guy Puts CNN’s Stupid Trolls In Their Place

by 5 years ago

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Here’s a very frustrating exchange between Bill Nye the Science guy and a panel on CNN’s Crossfire. During a discussion about extreme weather and global warming, S.E. Cupp whined about scientists like Bill Nye bullying and fear mongering to the  general public about the effects of climate change. Nye had a very fundamental disagreement with talking head troll S.E. Cupp. When Cupp asked him to defend his stance, he didn’t backdown, either:

When Nye finally had his buttons pushed one too many times, he threw his shoulders up and quieted the panel by exclaiming”we don’t agree on the facts.” It’s weird when people don’t agree on facts, because, uh, by virtue of being facts, someone fundamentally disagrees with the truth. A level of denial like that is scary. You know, ’cause… Science:


He accuses the CNN panel of cherry-picking facts, which is what they exactly what they’re going. Listening to the maddening exchange below. Always remember: Science, bitch.

[H/T: Uproxx / Reddit]