All I Can Say About This Bizarre, Pseudo Sexual Japanese Game Show Is ‘2 Girls, 1 Cockroach’

We’ve noticed that Japanese game shows seem to have a sexual agenda. In one “competition,” the objective was to see how far young girls could spread their legs. While in another game, men attempt to sing karaoke as young girls give them handjobs. Well Japan did not let us down in their latest oral contest.

There are two girls and one pipe. The ladies wrap their lips around both ends of the pipe. Inside the tube sits a dead cockroach. The premise of this fun game is for the women to blow. The loser is whichever girl gets a huge dead cockroach launched down their throat. The girl who doesn’t have a disgusting insect lodged in their throat is the winner and crowned the best blower!

I have such an awkward boner right now.

Despite the girl on the right swallowing the roach, it appears that the girl on the left cheated. At the 4-second mark, the roach clearly is headed into her mouth but she blocks it with her teeth. At the 6-second mark you can actually see her crafty teeth cheat. That seems like a violation worthy of a 4-game suspension. Even if the girl on the right lost the game, she’s a winner in my book for blowing without teeth.