Japanese Game Show Where Contestants Get HJ’s While Trying To Sing Karaoke Is Something You Need To See To Believe

Japan has always pushed the boundary of ‘WTF’ television. They once locked a guy in a room to cut coupons from magazines for like a year, convincing him to eat dog food, and they filmed him 247/7 and blasted it to something like 85% of the Japanese population. Now the geniuses behind Japanese reality TV have unveiled a new show, one where dudes get handjobs on live TV while trying to sing karaoke (blurred out of course, because it’s Japan).

The show titled ‘Sing What Happens’ is an attempt to combine two of Japan’s favorite things: karaoke and public embarrassment. There’s a video of the show down below, but before you go clicking that, check out these stills so that you know what you’re getting yourself into (NSFW).

I’m not entirely sure on the objectives of the show, as it seems neither is the winner. The contestant’s objective is to get through the song while getting an HJ, and the job of the show’s employee appears to be to stop that from happening by giving the most vigorous HJ he’s seen since adolescence. So here it is, the video you’ve been waiting for (Warning: while it is blurred, this will be considered NSFW for many of you).

Shout out to ‘DeathAndTaxesMag‘ for tracking down a translation of the YouTube description after the video appeared on Reddit yesterday:

In Japan, an original version of the show Sing what happens (Killer Karaoke) broadcasts on a premium channel and adult BS Sky cable! . In this program, several candidates must sing a song they learned by heart and not to be distracted by the young lady who is beside them and is masturbating them, sometimes with his hands, sometimes using his feet.

These candidates must carry a tune in absurd conditions, without being distracted and if possible until ejaculation. In the video above, this is the winner of the show, which achieved a score of 74 out of 100 and won a lot of products and sex toys, gel, etc …. The video below below is a montage bringing together the various candidates.

If that’s what premium cable subscriptions are getting you in Japan then I’d happily ditch every show other than ‘Game of Thrones’ for Japanese television.