Black Friday Fights Erupt In Texas Walmart, And One Shopper Attacks Police Officer

Do people not know that there is something called “Cyber Monday?” Where you can get the same great deals as Black Friday, but do so without being trampled and from the comfort of your home while you eat a turkey, mashed potato, cranberry sauce sandwich from your couch naked? Apparently Cyber Monday hasn’t reached Texas yet because people were literally beating each other for TV’s and such trinkets.

It was a chaotic scene at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas as hordes of eager shoppers swarmed to take full advantage of the Black Friday deals. Things got ugly as shoppers scuffled over discounted televisions. Two women wrestled over a TV, and it had to be broken up by a police officer.

The same police officer can be seen in the video below kicking out a customer, only to return and have another unruly man take a swing at him. The man is later seen face down on the store floor, being handcuffed.

Hooray for Cyber Monday and to me not getting my teeth knocked in because I grabbed the last copy of Star Wars: Battlefront.