Conflict Between BLM, KKK, And Westboro Baptist Church Results In Piss Being Thrown At The RNC

What is with people throwing their piss and/or feces at people recently?  How does someone rationalize that they are a sane human being after holding onto their waste in order to throw it at someone else? What are they thinking? ‘Ha, you’re going to look so dumb when I throw my poop at you.’ I think that we can all agree that the best way to change someone’s beliefs are by throwing urine at them.

Anyway, according to Fox 8:

‘Protesters from the KKK, the Westboro Baptist Church and Black Lives Matter were said to be throwing urine at each other at one point. Police were forced to draw a line to separate the groups afterward.

A police spokeswoman said that in spite of tensions being high, few fights broke out, with no arrests being made and no injuries reported.

The gathering was the largest for both protest groups and police since the RNC began on Monday.

Various people made their way through Public Square throughout the day, including a man carrying an AR-15, a woman doing yoga with a pro-police and anti-bullying sign, a man with a sign saying “Jesus Vapes” and a person looking for others to tell their best Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump jokes.’

This election season has been insane, and things are probably just going to get crazier up until November. But if everyone could agree to refrain from throwing urine at each other, that’d be greeeeat.

[h/t Fox 8]