MMA Fighter Gets In Opponent’s Head By Spraying Urine In His Face

pee spray

When it comes to professional fighting, half of the battle is getting into your opponent’s head. A guy can’t hit you with a flying armbar or drop-kick you in the dick if they’re preoccupied with how badly you burned them before the fight. “Fuck, that crack he made about my mom tasting like whipped cream was really good I wonder if oh fuck he just broke my leg.” Flawless execution. Which is exactly what this dude was going for when he filled a spray bottle with his piss and brought it to a weigh-in.

There’s no coming back from that. I’m surprised the fight’s even going to go on. That guy lost so bad. He’ll never win anything again because he’ll always be the dude that got pissed sprayed in his face and mouth. The dude is going to shower in L’s, wash his face with L’s, shovel them into his mouth with a spork in his shitty studio apartment. There’s a 0% chance this dude doesn’t lose that fight. If I was the piss-sprayer, I would spend the entire match reminding the other guy what I did to him. “Hey, nice left, but remember when I sprayed my piss in your face on camera? That was dope.” After all, there’re things you can come back from, and there are things you can’t. This is definitely one of those you can’t.

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