Bodybuilding Bro Spends Over $600 A Week On Groceries And Puts Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Muscles To Shame

It’s not even fair to compare the two: The Rock has to keep up a rigorous filming schedule whereas Melbourne-based bodybuilder Josh Lenartowicz gets to spend every minute of every hour in the gym if he so chooses. The Rock keeps to a diet just like Josh, but then again he’s is also a giant celebrity who can afford to blow stacks on stacks on stacks of money on groceries and personal chefs and shit. Josh on the other hand? Clearly nowhere near as rich…but certainly just as ripped, if not more.

According to Metro, it was only two years ago that Josh decided to commit full-time to bodybuilding, now reportedly spending between “four and eight hours a day in the gym maintaining his 275 pound frame”:

He also eats between six and 10 meals a day, some of which are so large, they can take around 30 minutes to finish. In a recent interview with ABCabout his route to the top of this sport, he estimated he spent about £500 a week on grocery shops.

‘It’s like you’re feeding six or seven people,’ he said. ‘The meals are quite big, it takes sometimes 30 minutes to eat a meal. So you can see how your day turns out that it’s a full-time job.’(via)

In just two years Josh went from regular ol’ Joe Schmo to looking like the goddamn Michelin Tire Man of fitness:

His quick transformation sparked rumors of him using performance-enhancing drugs on social media, however Josh denies all of these claims, stating that “I’ve never ever cheated in my life…it’s almost a form of bullying in a way. If people said that about Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods…it is disrespectful in a way because it disregards all the hard work.”

Josh now has a spot in this year’s Mr. Olympia, a bodybuilding competition featuring only the world’s best.

But until then, you can find him training for his Olympian debut in the gym:

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