BREAKING: Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami In Custody After Shooting A Police Officer In New Jersey

NBC News in New York is reporting that Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man believed to be man behind the bombings in Chelsea, Seaside Park and Elizabeth was apprehended in Linden, New Jersey, but he managed to shoot a police officer before he was brought into custody.

There are reports that Rahami was seen sleeping in the hallway of a bar in Linden when police recognized him.

Police were called after there were reports of a man shooting at passing cars in Linden.

A video has emerged where you can hear the multitude of gunshots ring out in Linden during the shootout between police and Rahami.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Rahami after a shoot-out in Linden where three officers were reported injured.

The officers have non-life-threatening injuries, a senior official told NBC News.

One police officer was shot in the vest, and another was shot in the hand, and a third had head injuries from bullet fragments Linden Mayor Chris Bollwage said.

He also told the press that Rahami “sustained several shots” as well.

Two sources told NBC that Rahami was also been shot and is being taken to the hospital.

Linden is neighboring Elizabeth, where five bombs were found late last night and one was detonated, as well as where Rahami lived and where the FBI conducted raids.