Food Experimentalists Have Built A ‘Booze Cloud’ That You Can Walk Through, Breathe In, And Get Drunk

by 4 years ago

As part of a six-month installation at Borough Market, a large artisanal food market, culinary experimentalists have built a ‘booze cloud’ where people will be able to walk through the misty/floating cocktail and get drunk in a haze of hooch. That’s right, there is a cocktail cloud that will exist for 6 months, and will be made up of 1 part booze to 3 parts mixer, and coming in at 140% humidity (I’m still not sure how we get over 100%?).

Is this some sort of gimmick? Yes. Is this gimmick awesome? Yes. So what’s the catch? Well, unless you’re living across the pond these days the ‘Booze Cloud‘ might be hard for you to get to, as it’s located in Borough Market in London. Methinks though that this idea of a cocktail ‘booze cloud’ will catch on in the very near future, because once people realize they can get drunk while breathing they’ll be thirsting for the experience on the reg.

News of the ‘Booze Cloud’ came to me by way of TimeOut Magazine (link above), and here’s what they have to say about this upcoming 6-month installation:

So much booze will be in the air (it’ll be 140 percent humidity) that you’ll be able to see less than a metre in front of you, although they reckon that after an hour, you’ll only absorb one shot’s worth of booze. Still, apparently absorbing it this way bypasses the liver, making it 40 percent more efficient than drinking it, so hopefully it should have more of an effect. According to our food editor Guy Dimond, a similar idea was doing the festivals circuit about eight years ago – indeed, Bompas & Parr ran it as a pop-up a few months ago – and there is a downside: the booze tends to lack the flavour you get from just drinking it. Still, Bompas & Parr reckon it’s also a lower-calorie alternative to normal drinking. One thing’s definite: it’ll literally be a gas.

If you’re interested in checking out the ‘Booze Cloud’ you can book your tickets now over on, and you can also keep up with the project by following them on Twitter and/or Instagram.